Youth Empowerment Television at The Fortune Society

 Youth Empowerment Television at the Fortune Society was launched in October of 2017.  It's a video journalism program that trains men and women ages 18 to 24 to become citizen journalists. The students create thoughtful, well-reasoned video news programs composed of history based feature stories and news stories about the world in which they live. By creating short non-fiction films, the citizen journalists of YET will play a part in the dismantling of racism while advocating for a just society. The goal is to teach men and women in Fortune's Alternative To Incarceration Program to analyze the social, political and economic forces operating in their communities. By doing so, we hope to increase the success of their re-entry into society. Once trained our students will produce insightful news stories with the ability to undertake a critical examination of current issues through research, reporting, interviewing experts and the key people affected. YET journalists will be equipped to meaningfully address subjects such as institutional racism, the diversion of public funds from education to juvenile justice, the psychological and physical effects of poverty, strategies for successful re-entry into the community, the criminalization of youth, stop and frisk policies as well as the growing school to prison pipeline.

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